Doctor-led employee health checks for £199pp (+VAT)

Kickstart your team’s productivity with a personalised Added Health Check: key health tests, a detailed lifestyle questionnaire, a 30-minute results call with a doctor, a tailored plan, and 12 months of access to the Added Health app.

Healthier teams make for healthier business

Poor employee health costs UK businesses an average of £3,340 per person each year, so it pays to keep your team healthy in body and mind.
With the Added Health Check, a qualified doctor will take every employee through their test results and work with them to set goals.

Simple roll out for your team

Once you sign up, we’ll create a dedicated sign-up page for your organisation and team members. They’ll receive test kits by mail, and their results later via the app. They can book a 30-min call with a qualified doctor who will go through those results and set healthy goals.
All results and those goals are confidentially logged on the Added Health app where users can track their personal progress over the following 12 months.


Employees receive

The Added Health Check Home Test Kit includes:  

  • A digital blood pressure monitor: the device is easy to use, clinically validated for use in the UK and recommended by the NHS. 
  • A blood test kit. We only use accredited UK laboratories for our tests. You’ll receive instructions within the kit on how to take the necessary sample.  
  • A 1.5m tape measure for waist and hip measurements.  

We ask you about your medical history and lifestyle including questions across the five pillars of your health: nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental well-being and relationships. We also use four clinically certified well-being assessments that are recognised and used by the medical profession.

Everyone we test receives their results both by confidential email and on the personalised dashboard of the Added Health app. Your results will be from all tests we conduct, and they will not be shared with your employer. 

During your 30-minute call, the Added Health doctor will then work with you to create a top-line plan for you to make healthy changes, based on your results. 

From your initial test report onwards, you can log your data on your personal dashboard to track your progress. This will help to keep you motivated and on track. 

For employers

If more than 8 employees of your organisation sign up for an Added Health Check, we provide an Employee Health Overview with anonymised data so that you have a concept of the overall health of your team, and an idea of the key risk areas to focus on. These annual reports also act as a baseline for comparison that you can reference over ensuing years.

When you sign your organisation or members of your team up for Added Health Checks, we will create a dedicated page for your organisation where employees can enter the address where they would like to have their kit sent. They will then receive access to the Added Health app. If you provide us with a list of employees for testing, we will keep you informed as to how many of your team have signed up.


To start, we ask you about your medical history and lifestyle, and measure four main things: 

  1. Blood markers for sugar and fat (HbA1c and a lipid profile) 
  2. Your blood pressure (we provide you with an easy-to-use home blood pressure monitor)
  3. Your waist and hip circumference (we provide you with a tape measure)
  4. Your BMI – calculated by knowing your height and weight

Blood pressure is a measure of the state of your cardiovascular system. A raised blood pressure may indicate a range of issues. These include simply eating too much salt, sugar and/or fat; not getting enough exercise; chronic stress, and kidney function problems. Reducing blood pressure to a healthy level (100/60 to 120/80) significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular events and deaths and improves health. 

We provide a tape measure for you take your waist (tummy) and hip circumference. Too much fat around your tummy is an indicator of risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. 

We ask you for your height and weight so we can calculate your BMI (you will need your own set of scales). Your BMI is a useful approximation of how much fat you are carrying. We measure both BMI and tummy-to-hip ratio, since some people with a healthy BMI can have excess tummy fat which means that they might still have significant health risks, despite having a normal BMI. 

  • A lipid profile which includes cholesterol, LDL, HDL, a “good to bad” cholesterol ratio, and triglycerides. We look at these to understand how well you process fats. This is a useful risk indicator (along with your blood pressure) for heart attacks and strokes. 
  • A HbA1c test looks at the sugar levels in your blood over the last 3-6 months. This is a measure of how much sugar you have eaten and your body’s ability to process (metabolise) it.  This is useful for screening for pre-diabetes and diabetes which affect over 10% of adults in the UK.

As doctors, we are trained in the concept of “pre-test probability”. Put simply, this is understanding that every test sometimes gives the wrong result (either a “false positive” or a “false negative”). The tests we have included in the Added Health Check are crucial to us understanding your health, all other tests are unnecessary in the first instance, especially given the risk of an incorrect result. We don’t do tests just for the sake of being able to say that we offer many more. If your doctor thinks you need one after your call, then they will recommend them.

We take your privacy really seriously. We keep client data entirely confidential, and employers do not have access to individual employee data. Any company overview information is anonymised.

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First, employers request a callback. If they sign up to Added Health Checks for some or all of their employees, Added Health will create a dedicated sign-up page for their organisation which all employees can sign up to their checks via. (Added Health will provide all the promotional material to inform the workforce about the Checks and the process). Employees choose whether they wish to receive tests at their home or work address. They receive the Added Health Check Test Kit, complete their tests, and questionnaire via the app. Once their results have been processed by the lab, all results will be visible on the Added Health dashboard, and they can organise a video call with a doctor via the app. During that call, the qualified doctor will go through test and questionnaire results and discuss a plan to make improvements. This will be logged on the Added Health app dashboard, which employees then have access to for an entire year after their check. 

Every employee is entitled to one health screening assessment per year as a taxable benefit.

The UK Government published this guidance:

A “health-screening assessment” means an assessment to identify employees who might be at a particular risk of ill-health. An example of this is where employees are asked to complete questionnaires or telephone interviews about their general health and lifestyle, with a view to identifying higher risk employees who may then be invited to a medical check-up.