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About us

Why we exist

Added Health was founded in 2019 after the untimely passing of our founder Dr Michael Stein’s dear friend Dr Satish Keshav. Even though Satish was well informed (a senior physician-scientist at the University Hospital of Oxford) and seemed in good health, he suffered an unexpected, fatal heart attack.

In his grief, Michael wanted answers. He began researching and discovered a link to overconsumption of fructose and high cholesterol – something he suspected the general public wouldn’t know. What else didn’t the average person know about their lifestyle that could lead to preventable illness or an early death?

And so Added Health was created.

Now, with a crack team of some of the world’s best medical minds and renowned coaches, Added Health is helping everyone take control of their health.  

Our mission 

To help transform lives by giving everyone the tailored information, support, and tools needed to to achieve the physical and mental health they’ve always wanted to. 

Our aim is to help you feel more energised, more connected and well in every sense of the word, using science-backed, rigorously researched recommendations 

Our vision 

A world where people become healthier — in body and mind — and stay healthier: living fuller, more connected lives for longer. 

As doctors, we know changing your lifestyle can be overwhelming and confusing, and hard to maintain. Wellness has also become the wild west, with accredited advisors swimming against a sea of misinformation.  

We decided to create a coaching service that takes the latest, proven health research and helps everyone incorporate it into their daily routines – and keep doing it in a way that feels good. 

As a CQC-regulated wellbeing screening service, think of us as a trustworthy team of coaches in your pocket. Our advice is reviewed by our medical team, that has 100+ years of prestigious practice and education experience, and delivered by qualified coaches – never bots.

We already know what we’re doing works. Our early clients have reported huge success in changing their habits for good and feeling great for it.

Are you ready to start your own journey to great health?