£29.99 per month

Personalised health coaching that fits around you

Good health depends on five key factors

Science tells us we need to look at the whole picture: nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental wellbeing and relationships. Added Health considers all five together.

We select from the latest science

Our team of experienced and innovative doctors is focused on preventative medicine. We choose the latest scientific evidence to make you healthier. To ensure that you eat, think and feel better.

We make that science work for you, for life

We use the evidence to tailor coaching personalised to you. We give you the support, facts, and advice to make lasting changes, big or small, that fit your life.


How does Added Health work?
We are a team of experienced doctors and coaches. We work with you individually over text and email: we get to know you, help you work out how to make changes to your lifestyle to get your mind and body into better shape, then give you the tools and ongoing support to make those shifts happen. Most importantly, we journey alongside you over the long term: so many positive changes that people make are all too often short-lived. For £29.99/month, you can text or email Added Health coaches any time. We've seen repeatedly that having personalised advice, information and a long-term relationship with a supportive coach works to change people's lifestyle habits for good.
Why is Added Health different?
We are run by doctors, so all our advice is medically led and based on proven research. We build what works for you: we have no one-size-fits-all programme to sell. We give appropriate advice for any need or situation. We are with you for life, there when you are ready to make changes, big or small. We are deliberately affordable because want everyone to live healthier, happier lives: good health shouldn’t be a luxury.
What is the Added Health ’Gut Reset Challenge’™?
The Added Health Gut Reset Challenge™ is a medically led 12-week programme that includes a metabolic and microbiome reset and is specifically designed to kickstart a shift to better long-term eating habits. We then support our clients onwards. Clients have reported wide-ranging health benefits: significant weight loss, better sleep, more energy, and even coming off long-term pills for chronic conditions. The Challenge is included in the monthly price and can be repeated any time (or as a shorter Mini Gut Reset). It's a great way to start with Added Health because it makes you feel revitalised and sets up many good habits that we can help you sustain.
How can I sign up?
We currently offer the service to a limited number of people, and invite our new joiners to sign up as part of defined cohorts. These clients have the very focused attention of our doctors and coaches as we hone our service. If you are interested in joining this cohort, we’d love to hear from you at hello@addedhealth.com. If you’d like to hear about future chances to join, please do email and we’ll be in touch.
What happens when I sign up?
First, we'll ask a bit about your medical history, your lifestyle and what you’re hoping to get out of your coaching with us. When you sign up and pay, the questionnaire is analysed by Dr Michael Stein and Dr Jonathan Crawshaw. By understanding your medical background and preferences, we are able to tailor a coaching path that will work for you. You will then receive your first welcome text from one of our Added Health coaches, and away you go — continuous support, facts and advice to make lasting changes, big or small, that fit your life. It's coaching that’s fully personalised to you.


Meet the team

Meet the Added Health team, here to help everyone live healthier lives — body and mind

Added Health founder Dr Mike Stein has brought together a team of experienced doctors, nutritionists, sports coaches and behavioural experts to coach and support people to live happier, healthier lives. We are here to add health to your life in whatever way works best for you.