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The whole picture of you

The 5 Pillars of Health

We believe that your health is supported by five pillars: nutrition, exercise, mental well-being, sleep and relationships, and they’re very much interconnected. Improving one pillar can have a positive knock-on effect on all areas of your health. We take a uniquely complete look at you, and use the latest evidence-based methods to improve your health for the long term.

Why does health coaching work?

Health coaching is a relationship where your coach helps you to adopt and maintain simple behaviours that help you reach your health goals. It’s a personal relationship where your coach gently educates and supports you to maintain these habits into the future.

Your coach will be at your side throughout the journey. You can share your challenges and successes, you’ll never be on your own — and that’s why it works. You can also talk to them about any medical changes, so they can check in with our doctors. Health coaching has been repeatedly proven to help make lifestyle changes last.

What they say

Added Health has helped me create habits I can actually stick to. Living healthily isn’t a fad — with my coach’s constant support, I’ve made it a permanent lifestyle choice and I can’t see myself going back. The change has been remarkable: I sleep better, I’ve lots more energy, my blood pressure is lower and I lost 20kg in 12 weeks.

Craig, 60s
East Kent, UK

I’ve really enjoyed Added Health’s scientific approach to living and eating better. I was looking for something that focused on improving my personal health, rather than waiting until I needed illness management. Now, I feel I’ve got a much better understanding of how my body functions and when it feels its best

Sarah, 50s
London, UK

The Added Health Gut Reset™ has helped me lose a stubborn 35 lbs and reduce my waist from 40″ to 35″. Most importantly, I’ve been able to work with my GP to stop or reduce my medication for high blood pressure, gout and asthma — conditions I’ve struggled with for more than 20 years!

KD, 50s
Cheltenham, UK

Within 6 weeks with Added Health, my cholesterol, blood pressure and urates were down, I lost 7kg. I felt energetic and mentally sharper. The osteoarthritis in my hips was improved. So, I came off meds for cholesterol and gout because it’s under control naturally. By 12 weeks, I had lost 10kg, my waist was 2″ less and I remain off all meds still. Added Health has helped me recalibrate what good health and wellness look like.

Simon , 50s
Oxfordshire, UK


Added Health works with the NHS for their chronic condition patients, corporate clients for their employees, and individuals.

Our most popular programme

Reset your relationship with food

Reset your gut microbiome, lose weight and kick sugar cravings to the curb with the Gut Reset. Forge lifelong habits in just 12 weeks, with our personalised programme.

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