We work with organisations of all sizes to make and keep your employees healthier.  


Healthier employees, healthier profits

Good employee health and well-being drives business success. Employees who are not in their best shape may be less effective or productive in the work setting. 

Supporting your employees to embrace good lifestyle choices, based on their own goals, will energise their workdays and improve their resilience to mental and physical pressures. 

Unique to your organisation, personalised for every employee

How we eat, sleep, think, exercise and relate to others all contributes to how much we enjoy life, how long we live and how well we work. Added Health takes a uniquely complete look at each employee. We use the latest evidence-based methodology and tailored programmes to improve health for the long term. 


In good company

Join organisations like the University of Oxford and Elvie to empower your employees to take their health into their own hands.  

30% of the UK’s adult population has a chronic condition – and 80% of chronic conditions are lifestyle related. We work with your employees completely confidentially to help them create longer-lasting, healthier habits. They benefit by feeling healthier and happier, your organisation benefits with greater staff retention and fewer sick days.

For employees:

Via the Added Health app, we ask you about your medical history and lifestyle including questions across the five pillars of your health: nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental well-being and relationships. Your results are then analysed by a doctor who then briefs the coach before your onboarding video call.

Once you have filled in your answers to our health and lifestyle questionnaire, your results are analysed by a doctor, who will then brief the coaching team before you have your onboarding video call. This ensures that we are aware of any health considerations before you start. Our doctors have also spotted unrecognised issues with clients during this process.

You will have a 15-minute video call with one of Added Health’s expert coaches, trained in Motivational Interviewing to help you create lasting habit change. During that call, you will discuss any goals and we will make recommendations, before considering the next steps for us to support you in reaching your goal.

Once you have had your call, you can contact the coaching team anytime via the Added Health chat function on the app. Your coach will support you in whatever area of your health you wish to improve, and all communication will be logged in your feed along with all content your coach shares with you. The Added Health coaches will be available for you to contact whenever you need them, helping you to make and sustain long-term healthy changes.  

All the content your coach shares with you on your content feed is also stored in your library on the Added Health app for easy access. This includes selected workouts, recipes, evidence-based articles, videos, and tips.

For employers:

When you sign your organisation or members of your team up for Added Health, we will create a dedicated page for your organisation. They will then receive access to the Added Health app. We provide you with all the onboarding collateral (emails, PDFs, dedicated pages) needed for you to inspire and motivate your team to join.

We provide an annual Employee Health Overview with anonymised data so that you have a concept of the overall health of your team, and an idea of the key risk areas to focus on. These yearly reports also act as a baseline for comparison that you can reference over ensuing years.