Elevating patient care: Added Health redefines wellness at Best Practice London 2024! 

What is Best Practice?

About Best Practice and Added Health

Best Practice is a beacon for healthcare innovation, bringing together industry leaders, professionals, and visionaries. It’s a dynamic platform to exchange ideas, share insights, and explore cutting-edge solutions that redefine healthcare practices.

Added Health showcased our commitment to advancing well-being and transforming the health landscape at Best Practice London 2024. We’re eager to connect, collaborate, and discuss how we’re revolutionising the approach to health support.

Added Health is attending Best Practice London

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Below are the fantastic team members who attended Best Practice London 2024.

Michael Stein

Michael Stein High Resolution


Dr. Michael Stein is ready to engage with you and share insights on how Added Health is leading the way in proactive, preventative care. Pick his brain and discover our vision for keeping people well.

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Jess McGowan

Jessica McGowan High Resolution

Lead Coach

If you’re curious about coaching and nutrition, Jess is your go-to person! As our lead coach, she’s well-versed in all things wellness and can’t wait to connect with you.

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David Hinkson

David Hinkson High Resolution


Take this opportunity to get a 1-on-1 with David, our COO, as he reveals the inner workings of Added Health. He will enlighten you to as to how we are revolutionising patient care by paving the way with sustainable change to long lasting health.

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Bobby Bahia

Bobby Bahia High Resolution

Head of Business Development

Bobby will take you on an exciting journey, unveiling the transformative version of Added Health. Discover how we are reshaping the landscape of health and wellness under his guidance.

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Missed our last webinar?

Hear it straight from the GP’s mouth! Learn from Dr Jonathan Crawshaw on how Added Health are using the power of health coaching to transform the lives of his patients with long term chronic conditions and lightening the workload of his practice.

What they say

Added Health has helped me create habits I can actually stick to. Living healthily isn’t a fad — with my coach’s constant support, I’ve made it a permanent lifestyle choice and I can’t see myself going back. The change has been remarkable: I sleep better, I’ve lots more energy, my blood pressure is lower and I lost 20kg in 12 weeks.

Craig, 60s
East Kent, UK

I’ve really enjoyed Added Health’s scientific approach to living and eating better. I was looking for something that focused on improving my personal health, rather than waiting until I needed illness management. Now, I feel I’ve got a much better understanding of how my body functions and when it feels its best

Sarah, 50s
London, UK

The Added Health Gut Reset™ has helped me lose a stubborn 35 lbs and reduce my waist from 40″ to 35″. Most importantly, I’ve been able to work with my GP to stop or reduce my medication for high blood pressure, gout and asthma — conditions I’ve struggled with for more than 20 years!

KD, 50s
Cheltenham, UK

Within 6 weeks with Added Health, my cholesterol, blood pressure and urates were down, I lost 7kg. I felt energetic and mentally sharper. The osteoarthritis in my hips was improved. So, I came off meds for cholesterol and gout because it’s under control naturally. By 12 weeks, I had lost 10kg, my waist was 2″ less and I remain off all meds still. Added Health has helped me recalibrate what good health and wellness look like.

Simon , 50s
Oxfordshire, UK

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