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Advancing healthcare outcomes through holistic, personalised and evidence-based solutions

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Added Health chronic condition programmes can support ICBs, PCNs, GPs and individuals with:

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We are a team of leading doctors, coaches and technologists determined to improve the health of the nation. We pride ourselves on being CQC accredited and delivering the highest level of care.

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Added Health empowers patients to create sustainable, transformative habits in alignment with the 5 pillars of health (nutrition, exercise, sleep, wellbeing and relationships)

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Rest easy in the knowledge that all advice given is approved by the NHS, is evidence-based and medically backed. We’re committed to our patients, and guarantee expert-led, reliable care. 

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Our digital platform allows patients to quick and easy access whilst remaining tailored to their individual wellness goals. We thrive for overall enhanced patient health resulting in less demand for GP appointments.

Our programmes deliver results

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Our technology places the solution right in the patients hands. Providing a hub of support delivered via our patient app, text messages, phone and video calls:

  • Added Health empowers patients to create sustainable, transformative habits in alignment with the 5 pillars of health (nutrition, exercise, sleep, wellbeing and relationships)

  • 76% of clients who had diet as a high priority lost weight with an average of 198 total interactions.

  • Our ever-evolving conditions programmes include diabetes, pre-diabetes, hypertension, obesity and anxiety.

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For healthcare professionals

The skill and expertise of our CQC-accredited service will support the health and care system with:

  • Assisting patients in adapting lifestyle habits and enhancing self-management; minimising reliance on NHS support or clinical interventions.

  • Aiding individuals on NHS waiting lists in maintaining wellness or preparing for upcoming surgeries.

  • Tackling healthcare inequalities through the provision of a consistent, high-quality service.

  • Devoting time and expertise to guide clients in integrating transformative behaviour changes.

For patients

Click the steps below to see the patient journey and how we reveal the whole health story.

Added Health Journey

New patients begin their wellness journey by filling in a detailed questionnaire, on their health and lifestyle. 200 unique data points are collected to capture a complete health story.

Added Health doctors review the answers to create a long-lasting individual transformative plan to wellness.

Every patient has an onboarding call with an expert coach to start their journey to better health. Combining the revolutionary motivational health coaching and evidence-based health interventions, patients are given continuous access to.

Watch the patients wellness journey unfold! Added Health diligently tracks progress against uniquely set goals, ensuring the path to wellbeing is not just effective but long lasting.

Why is Added Health different?

Added Health is a team of doctors, technologists and expert coaches intent on improving the provision of healthcare services for a whole community. We use proven behaviour change techniques (enhanced by AI), to relieve pressure on existing healthcare systems, improve health and wellness outcomes, and reduce the cost of delivering healthcare.

Added Health is doctor-led, yet there is no conflict of interest as we are not prescribing or intervening medically: we always coordinate with the existing healthcare provider e.g. the GP or specialist.

Meet some of the team supporting you


Professor Chris Butler

Professor Butler is an authority on preventative medicine and changing behaviours, having published 400 papers on the topics. He holds a number of positions, including Professor of Primary Care at Oxford University and Director of the university’s clinical trials unit. 

Co-founder of Motivational Interviewing and Head Coach

Professor Steve Rollnick

Steve is a published author, psychologist and master trainer who co-created the Motivational Interviewing approach. He has worked within the NHS and researched effective communication that gets tangible results. Steve has also coached athletes across the world and supported programmes for pregnant teenagers and children with HIV/AIDS. 


Dr Michael Stein

Dr Stein is a seasoned and enormously qualified healthcare veteran. He earned a D Phil (PhD) in Physiological Sciences (Immunology) from Oxford University and lectured in immunology and pathology there. He has also served as an executive leader and board member, including for Map of Medicine (which he co-founded) and immuno-oncology biotech business Valo Therapeutics.

Dr Stein’s tragic loss of a dear friend inspired him to help others understand and take control of their health. Now, he is using proactive, preventative medicine to keep people well.

Mental health — Senior Advisor

Dr Paul Browde

Expert psychiatrist, storyteller and relationship guide Dr Paul Browde has more than 30 years of experience. Dr Browde teaches Narrative Medicine at Columbia University, helping people communicate from a place of connection and through the art of storytelling. He founded Narativ Inc. — a company that helps individuals, teams and organisations communicate through stories — and has participated in projects that teach storytelling as an advocacy tool. 

Senior GP Partner

Dr Jonathan Crawshaw

Dr Crawshaw is an experienced GP and medical educator who has been a practice partner since 2010. He works with doctors and medical students from the University of Oxford and King’s College London to shape the next generation of healthcare professionals. Dr Crawshaw is actively involved in research and has been the principal investigator in dozens of trials in his own and local practices. 

Nutritionist and Lead Coach

Jessica McGowan

Jess is a qualified nutritionist and health coach with more than a decade of experience. Her research-backed and evidence-based advice includes specialist guidance for those with IBS and digestive issues as well as mindfulness and meditation. Jess is passionate about plant-based foods, sustainability and making healthy eating easy for everyone. 

Nutritionist and Coach

Roisin Cook

Roisin is a Registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition and holds a specialism in Public Health. Having always had a passion for food, health and wellness, her nutrition career started after completing her BSc in Nutrition and has since worked in the food industry and in digital health care. Roisin is dedicated to working with individuals to support them in making changes that feel right and sustainable for them.

Personal Trainer and Coach

Alice Organ

Alice is a highly qualified health coach and personal trainer with over 7 years of experience in the health and wellbeing industry. She is passionate about helping people increase their physical activity and promoting a holistic approach to overall health. Alice firmly believes that leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and emphasises the importance of focusing on the fundamentals.


Added Health has really helped me retake control of my eating and my health. I feel so positive in myself again.

Linda, 50s

Within 6 weeks with Added Health, my cholesterol, blood pressure and urates were down, I lost 7kg. I felt energetic and mentally sharper. The osteoarthritis in my hips was improved. So, I came off meds for cholesterol and gout because it’s under control naturally. By 12 weeks, I had lost 10kg, my waist was 2″ less and I remain off all meds still. Added Health has helped me recalibrate what good health and wellness look like.

Simon, 50s

Added Health has helped me create habits I can actually stick to. Living healthily isn’t a fad — with my coach’s constant support, I’ve made it a permanent lifestyle choice and I can’t see myself going back. The change has been remarkable: I sleep better, I’ve lots more energy, my blood pressure is lower and I lost 20kg in 12 weeks.

Dan, 40s

The Added Health Gut Reset™ has helped me lose a stubborn 35 lbs and reduce my waist from 40” to 35”. Most importantly, I’ve been able to work with my GP to stop or reduce my medication for high blood pressure, gout and asthma — conditions I’ve struggled with for more than 20 years!

KD, 50s

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