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Supporting ICBs, PCNs and GPs and individuals with diagnosed chronic conditions

Personalised health coaching

Added Health is a personalised, CQC-accredited, and entirely confidential digital health coaching service offering continuous support to affect behaviour change, and embed habits, for better health outcomes. Coaching is delivered to the patient from an app using text, email, chat, and video call.

Added Health offers sustained, personalised, human support leading to better health outcomes for the individual and less burden for the GP practices.

The Added Health model

  • A single service to address all five pillars of health: nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental wellbeing and relationships
  • Latest evidence rigorously applied
  • Personalised and designed around patients’ lifestyle
  • Novel platform to record data-rich coach-client interactions confidentially
  • No conflict of interest

How it works

Patients with a specific chronic condition can be invited to participate in the PCN-sponsored, 12-week support programme delivered by Added Health.

Patients fill in a lifestyle questionnaire which is reviewed by a doctor, then are onboarded by a trained coach via video call. Added Health coaches define a pathway with the patient, then share content and keep in regular contact to sustain motivation and embed lifestyle changes.

Added Health works for healthcare

The skill and expertise of our CQC-accredited service will support the health and care system:

  • Guiding patients to adapt lifestyle habits that will improve their ability to self-manage their chronic condition
  • Reducing the need for further clinical interventions
  • Supporting people on NHS waiting lists to stay well or prepare for surgery
  • Addressing health care inequalities with a consistent, high-quality service
  • Dedicating time and expertise to help clients to integrate positive behaviour change, freeing up clinical time

Why Added Health is different

We do not prescribe, diagnose, or medically intervene. We work to support the patient’s local medical team.

We are experienced clinicians, skilled technologists, and talented motivational coaches focussed on delivering change in lifestyle habits to support population-scale health improvement.

Example of 12-week plan

Case studies

Details and diagnosis:

Male, 54 with a BMI of 27.

The patient was diagnosed with high blood pressure (hypertension) three years ago and takes amlodipine. The patient also suffers from fatigue, poor sleep, back pain, anxiety, swelling in the lower extremities and frequent headaches.

Added Health approach:

Although weight was a contributor to hypertension and potentially other symptoms experienced by the patient, the most urgent matter was sleep. We helped the patient to assess the barriers to sleep, improved their arrangements and included a small amount of exercise.


The sleep improvements were successful which had an immediate knock-on effect on the patient’s fatigue and back pain. These motivating results allowed us to broaden our focus and explore the patient’s diet by working through a nutrition programme centred on weight loss and improving their overall health. Again, the results were very positive; a weight loss of 6kg, 11.5mmHg drop in systolic blood pressure measurement, reduced anxiety and improved mental well-being. After 7 months, we worked alongside the patient’s GP to discontinue their high blood pressure medication of amlodipine.

Details and diagnosis:

Male, 62 with a history of mild hypertension.

A recent blood pressure check revealed a result of 190/115 and was strongly advised by his GP to take medication but refused.

Added Health approach:

After a referral to us, we made the patient aware of the risks involved in not taking the recommended medication. Acknowledging the risk, the patient was motivated to make lifestyle changes to reduce his blood pressure. We supported the patient through a 2-week nutrition plan which started with a 48-hour fast and was followed by eating a wide variety and quantity of plant-based foods.


After just two weeks, the patient’s blood pressure reduced to 170/105. Motivated by these early results, we continued to implement nutrition changes. A routine of intermittent fasting, and a reduction of ultra-processed foods, and foods high in salt and sugar, resulted in a continued improvement in blood pressure. Within 6 months, the patient’s blood pressure reduced to 128/83.

Details and diagnosis:

Female, 60.

The patient was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 5 years ago due to a total thyroidectomy and takes thyroxine. Weight loss has been a long-term goal for the patient, but they’ve struggled to achieve and sustain this in the past.

Added Health approach:

We focused on small, sustainable steps that incorporated all the pillars of health. Gradual nutrition changes that included a more plant-based diet, a gentle exercise routine and mental well-being strategies formed the basis of our support.


Our holistic approach has meant the patient has experienced an improvement in their overall sense of well-being and in their energy levels. Keeping their weight loss goal in mind, the patient dropped two dress sizes, lost and sustained 4kg and reduced their waist circumference.

Our medically led approach also resulted in the patient’s GP doing a more comprehensive annual thyroid test. The patient has stayed with us for 2 years (and counting!).

Details and diagnosis:

Female, 39.

General malaise and anxiety. Feeling low energy and trouble sleeping — waking up in the early hours and not able to get back to sleep. In addition, wanted to lose a few kilos.

Added Health approach:

Patient was coached through a short, coach-guided course (CBT-based) for anxiety. Also, was supported to make sustainable lifestyle changes including a more plant-based, whole food diet, incorporating exercise into routine, sleep hygiene and mindfulness and breathing exercises.


Patient able to identify the underlying causes of feeling anxious. Improvement to feelings of anxiety and no longer waking at night. Feels she has more energy. Motivated by early results, patient continues to focus on diet, introducing more whole plants as well as a gym class twice a week. Takes a brisk, 30-minute daily walk in a park.