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Evidence-based programmes supporting behaviour change for chronic condition patients

How Added Health works for the PCN

  • All services align with set PCN objectives
  • Included within the ARRS provision
  • Provided for practices by PCNs
  • All doctors and coaches employed by Added Health (CQC regulated) to relieve burden of recruitment and training
  • Coaches are supervised by doctors to reduce unnecessary referrals back to GPs
  • Service and platform scale to meet demand


Added Health for the patient

Patients fill in a lifestyle questionnaire which is reviewed by a doctor, then are onboarded by a trained coach. Added Health coaches define a pathway with the patient, then share content and keep in regular contact to sustain motivation and embed lifestyle changes.

Programmes and modules

Programmes are groups of modules focused on improving  a particular chronic health condition. Each programme is based on a best practice template then personalised by doctors and delivered by ‘Added Health coaches’ rooted in our Five Pillars of Health.

Programmes are made up of 12 different modules. Our doctors and coaches shape the patient modules based on patient goals, their motivation to change and coach interactions. Coach support is personalised to each individual, and modules are used depending on patient need.

Example programme: Hypertension

Duration : 12 weeks with option for extension
Prerequisites:  Prehypertension or hypertension(client must meet exclusion criteria)


Feedback from a current 100-patient hypertension pilot in a South Oxfordshire practice has been positive. Added Health supported the practice with recruitment material, and 120 hypertensive patients have signed up to the service for the personalised 12-week programme. The practice has reported that the onboarding process has run smoothly and not generated any extra work for the staff. The pilot is in its early phases, but data will be available in the coming weeks.