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How to boost your immunity this winter

BY Added Health Editorial Team | 13 December 2022
This is a shortened version of an Added Health article.

Winter can be a difficult time to maintain our health and wellbeing. The colder, darker days plus the threats of seasonal flu and Covid mean that our bodies may be more susceptible to ill-health. First and foremost, it is important to be up to date on important vaccinations especially if you are more vulnerable to certain illnesses. But we can also help ourselves to stay well by eating a balanced diet rich in different fruits and vegetables and by taking regular exercise.

A key vitamin to consider at this time of year is vitamin D. It plays a key role in our immune health and can be found in oily fish, red meat, mushrooms, eggs and dairy products. But if you are concerned that you may not be getting enough, a supplement of 10µg a day is well worth considering.

Take home message from Added Health

Our bodies can be especially vulnerable to illnesses during the winter months. As well as eating well and exercising, keeping regularly used rooms at a temperature of at least 18°C will help prevent some serious health conditions and may prevent low mood too.


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