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Added Health’s coaching method is based on the principles of Motivational Interviewing (MI), a client-centred, directive therapeutic approach to enhance readiness for change by helping clients explore and resolve ambivalence. The technique is proven and widely used across the NHS and healthcare systems worldwide.

All Added Health coaches undergo rigorous Motivational Interviewing training, both online and in person. This training is supervised by MI founder, Professor Stephen Rollnick, Added Health’s Head Coach. Training curriculum includes education, real life roleplay, assessment, and ongoing development.

To gain accreditation within the NHS, PCI health and wellbeing coaches have basic MI training as part of the curriculum for the NHS 4-day training course.


Added Health has a person-centred approach. We meet people where they are, use Motivational Interviewing to get to know them and ask what would most benefit them before starting their coaching journey.

The individual guides how our coaches engage with them in terms of behaviour change, understanding, goals and personality.

Our goal is to empower individuals to feel confident that they know best how to support their health. Added Health’s coaching experience is about guiding the person towards their long-term goals by providing them with the tools to get there themselves.

We understand that life can be unpredictable. If a client faces a stressful personal situation such as an unexpected bereavement or illness, we are flexible in adjusting our coaching approach to fit their needs. Our goal is to support, guide and motivate our clients no matter what challenges they may encounter.


Our team approach sets us apart from other coaching: doctors and coaches working together collaboratively to determine the most effective approach for each client’s journey.

Our team consists of trained coaches with various areas of expertise, experienced NHS GPs and experts, and an editorial board of some of the leading doctors in the world to guide our approach.


We work with PCNs to tailor 12-week programmes for maximum impact in specific areas for specific conditions.

  • The patient fills in a lifestyle questionnaire
  • The questionnaire is reviewed by a doctor and an experienced coach
  • personal support plan is devised
  • The patient is ‘onboarded’ in a face-to-face video call with their coach
  • Added Health will share content to support the programme of change
  • The coach will be in regular contact with the patient to check progress
  • The coach will respond to patient queries
  • Added health will escalate issues back to the practice or relevant clinical team

Added Health offers sustained, personalised, human support leading to better health outcomes for the individual and less burden for the GP practices.