We’re Added Health

About us

As doctors, we see how hard it is for people to work out how to change their lifestyles, let alone make (and stick to) those changes. We decided to create a coaching service that takes the latest, proven health research and helps employees to incorporate it into their daily routines, then supports them to keep doing it.

We aim to help improve absenteeism and boost your organisation's productivity by starting with your employees: an information and support system in their pocket that knows them well and can support them to be and stay healthier for longer, in both body and mind. And we know that it works. Our early clients have reported huge success in changing their habits for good and feeling great for it.

Our mission

To help transform workforces by giving every individual the tailored information, support, and tools essential to take their physical and mental health into their own hands.

Our aim is to help your employees to feel more energised, more connected and productive.

Our vision

A world where people are healthier — body and mind — and stay healthier: living fuller, more connected lives for longer.